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Serving Entrepreneurs in Logistics

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Serving Entrepreneurs in Logistics

If you’re an entrepreneur in the logistics industry, then SEL Supply-Chain Solutions is here to help. We were founded by entrepreneurs just like us with knowledge and experience that will be valuable for your business. What really sets us apart though isn't what we know about running businesses; it's how much care goes into providing support programs designed specifically around each individual entrepreneur's needs.

Dennis Martin
Founder & CEO

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Our mission is to build the best support network that Serves Entrepreneurs in Logistics. We want to help each individual Entrepreneur reach their full potential and help them achieve a more balanced quality of life at the same time. We realize the hard work that goes into building a Freight Agency. We strive to help ease that burden on our Entrepreneurial families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an organization that is the best Freight Agency model in the Transporation and Logistics Industry. We will achieve that Vision when each of our Entrepreneurial families reaches the next level in their business.



Yes SEL has a staff in our operations center to handle all issues 24/7.

Generally, it takes 6 months to build a solid base of business. This type of book will set an agent on pace to make 6 figures on a 12-month run.

SEL has a full operations staff so you can focus on sales instead of truck issues. SEL has qualified leads for you to start selling instead of generating leads.

SEL will grow and hire in the operations department to keep you focused on growing and doing what salespeople do best.


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Surpassing Expectations by Serving Entrepreneurs in Logistics