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About Us
About Us

Our Story

SEL is the dedicated vision of Dennis Martin, a lifetime logistics entrepreneur who developed the company as a resource-based logistics firm to support the independent freight agent. 

Dennis knew from his own experience that the hard work of maintaining a book of business in logistics can take precedence over a healthy work-life balance. He saw it in his own life when satisfying customers meant putting his family second. That is a choice he doesn’t think anyone should have to make. 

SEL developed a portfolio with all the services an independent agent requires to provide full customer support and allow the agent to meet customer needs, without sacrificing time at home for family, recreation and rejuvenation. 

By utilizing SEL for operations and finance, you, as an independent agent can concentrate on finding new clients, servicing their needs, closing more sales and spending more time on the things that are most important in life. 

Dennis Martin
Founder & CEO

The SEL Advantage

Your customers need three things – quality, transparency and dependability. They want to know that their shipments will arrive in sound condition. They want the ability to know where that shipment is 24/7. And they want to be able to tell their customer when to expect their goods. After that shipment hits the dock, they expect honest timely billing and accounting

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an organization that is the best Freight Contractor model in the Transportation and Logistics Industry. We will achieve that Vision when each of our Entrepreneurial families reaches the next level in their business.

We are about Family and Entrepreneurship

Core Values

Commitment to Safety

Surpassing expectations in logistics is what we strive to do. And it’s the policy of SEL Supply Chain Solutions to implement and maintain a comprehensive safety system backed by our core business values. We have invested in dedicated resources to ensure our customers loads are delivered by the best carriers in the business, and that our carriers have the necessary resources when the unforeseen happens.

SEL has a network of over 75,000 contracted carriers who have been carefully selected to meet our strict standards and our agent’s needs. Our carrier relations team is dedicated to identifying new carriers daily and utilizes multiple monitoring and vetting services to emphasize safety and insurance compliance.

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