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SEL carriers are vital partners

SEL carriers are vital partners in the services we provide, so we equip you with the tools that make that partnership work as smoothly as it can.

This includes app-based systems for shipment tracking, issues resolution, document uploading and easy invoicing and payment.

SEL understands that cash flow is an essential part of every successful business, so SEL provides a simple account payable and receivables system.

Email your invoices to SEL, and within 30 days, you’ll be paid by electronic funds transfer. It’s easy, secure, and works no matter where you are.

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Get Paid

Once the job is done, you clearly want to get paid. We’ve had plenty of experience to understand that timely payments are necessary for the success of any business. You can rest assured knowing that you will get paid within 30 days after submitting your paperwork through a simple email To ensure you are paid promptly, SEL pays by electronic funds transfers. Properly submitted paperwork gets you paid faster and avoids paperwork-verification delays. So we’ll make sure to let you know of everything you need as soon as you book a load.

Quick Pay

You can request QuickPay on all of the shipments you haul with us. It’s a simple and straightforward process: after submitting your paperwork, the payment process starts and you will obtain your payment within the next 1, 2 or 5 business days, depending on the plan you select.

We offer a competitive rate so you don’t feel like you’re losing money if you choose this payment option. Learn more about our QuickPay program by calling 615-590-8444 ext 6154 or sending an email to our accounting team

To enroll in our QuickPay program.

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