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Successful Growth

  • How much could you grow if you had more time to spend on closing new accounts?
  • Are you spending a good deal of time trying to find POD’s?
  • What if you had a partner that could help you with the tasks?
  • The Holy Grail in growth is spending more time in Sales than in Operations.
  • We can help!

Next Level Support

We help you get more time to sell and grow your business. We believe there are 3 things that limit growth for freight brokers, operations (the tasks necessary in running day-to-day), people – which includes hiring new employees or training existing ones properly so they can do their job well without any hiccups along with the way finance–making sure finances stay stable even when revenue isn’t coming through at its expected rate due to various reasons such as economic downturns etc… Let us show exactly how we go about helping our agents eliminate these barriers by taking away some headaches.

We can help you take back some of that lost momentum by showing how our team will eliminate three major barriers from within freight brokerage: Operations, People & Finance!

SEL Solutions

SEL SCS has a team of dedicated experience Freight Brokers that can book your freight, track and trace your shipments, provide quotes and update your customer portals. 

Finding, hiring, training, and keeping good employees is the toughest job for any small business owner. SEL provides back-office support to help our Entrepreneurs with these time-consuming tasks. One phone call gives you access to our HR professionals to assist you with these tasks and keep you compliant. 

Our finance team handles all those time pitfalls so you can grow your business. 

Sales. Excellence. Learning.

Saving time in these three areas will allow you to spend more time interacting with prospects and growing your business. Sales are where our expertise lies. Here are some of the things we offer to help with your sales efforts: 

  • Free sales consulting
  • Free customized sales leads
  • Zoominfo
  • Proven sales training via SEL(L) University to help you close more deals
  • CRB customer revenue builder

The true value of partnering with SEL SCS is helping you grow your business.  We are the people to call when you are ready to improve your position while allowing you time with your family. See how you can earn the highest splits in the industry, with no caps, receive outstanding benefits, and more.

Bridge Program

Are you working in the Logistics Industry under one of those complicated compensation programs that only benefit your company?

Let SEL show you how to reach your full potential as an Entrepreneur.

We are the only company that offers a 3 month Bridge Program that gives you financial support for 3 months while you establish your business.

See what you can earn at SEL

Have a non-compete? We can help!


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