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Smith Eagle Logistics is now SEL Supply-Chain Solutions

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 8, 2022) – Fort Worth-based Smith Eagle Logistics announced today its transition to SEL Supply-Chain Solutions (SELSCS), which will provide third-party logistics (3PL) services across the United States and Mexico.

SELSCS has more than 25 years’ experience in transportation and logistics. The new business will serve an expanded national and international area as well implement an entrepreneurial program for independent agents. “Our core value is to surpass expectations in logistics by serving entrepreneurs in logistics.” said Dennis Martin, CEO of SELSCS. “Rebranding to a true logistics company reflects who we are and what we do by expanding our services nationally and internationally and focusing on our entrepreneur’s success.”

The rebrand will assist SELSCS in building relationships with new partners and further diversifying services. Operating an agent model, SELSCS believes that independent freight agents are not ‘brokers’ but rather entrepreneurs. SELSCS bridges the gap to empower the independent agent to succeed in the 3PL space by offering operational support, a variety of human resources and financial support.

“The opportunities for the individual entrepreneur in the transportation and logistics industry are limitless,” said Martin. “It takes a little guts and a little courage but, for those willing to step out and give it a chance the opportunity is there and we’re willing to invest in your business to see it grow to its full potential – after all, SEL stands for Supporting Entrepreneurs in Logistics.”

“Based on current revenues, SELSCS has grown to a Top 100 logistics company over the past three years,” said Martin. “While some of our competitors might be growing even faster, we are proud to say we have not received any private equity money to fund our explosive growth.”

SEL (Serving Entrepreneurs in Logistics) Supply-Chain Solutions based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a top 100 logistics company offering over the road transportation solutions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. SELSCS operates its business through a network of independent business owners and provides the back-office functions to Service Entrepreneurs in Logistics. Combined its entrepreneurs have hundreds of years of experience in the Transportation and Logistics space. It’s main modes of transportation include Truckload, Refrigerated, Flatbed, Over-sized, Drayage, and Intermodal service.


Surpassing Expectations by Serving Entrepreneurs in Logistics